😠RONALDO THROWS THE ARMBAND!😠 (Serbia vs Portugal disallowed goal 2021 World Cup Qualifiers)

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    Hail CIAMaand geleden

    Take the L

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    100% JESUSMaand geleden

    Jesus Christ Loves you

  6. Malek Halabi

    Malek HalabiMaand geleden


  7. Ramadan Etemi

    Ramadan Etemi2 dagen geleden

    Ronaldo is angry vs serbia😓🤬

  8. PyroArcher Maper

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  9. Daniel Zane

    Daniel Zane3 dagen geleden

    The steadfast share ordinarily mix because korean biophysically cheat apud a breezy trail. jolly, fuzzy doctor

  10. djole dukic

    djole dukic3 dagen geleden

    haha serbia srbija win

  11. Cristiano Ronaldo

    Cristiano Ronaldo6 dagen geleden


  12. Janko Vojvodic

    Janko Vojvodic7 dagen geleden

    Zar se čujemo

  13. Teodor Mitkoski

    Teodor Mitkoski7 dagen geleden

    My country is right next to Serbia

  14. Brooklyn Penicka

    Brooklyn Penicka11 dagen geleden

    The men in black

  15. Midri Ideal lisman

    Midri Ideal lisman11 dagen geleden

    1:21 1:26 Diogo jota and Bernardo Silva look Cristiano Ronaldo get them referee 🤣😂😂😂😋🤪🤭🥱

  16. Ethan San Jose

    Ethan San Jose12 dagen geleden

    I dont blame the end of the song

  17. GREECE

    GREECE13 dagen geleden

    It's the MIBs! *No, NoT tHe ReFerEeS!*

  18. Craig Waters

    Craig Waters14 dagen geleden

    This is good

  19. Dušan Lalić

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  21. Mohamed Khalid's (MrMo)

    Mohamed Khalid's (MrMo)17 dagen geleden

    This is the best song ever

  22. Sara Mnisi

    Sara Mnisi18 dagen geleden

    Its a disgrace it's (A ************* DISGRACE)

  23. Y̶a̶s̶s̶i̶n̶e̶ ツ

    Y̶a̶s̶s̶i̶n̶e̶ ツ19 dagen geleden


  24. Omar Alaswad

    Omar Alaswad20 dagen geleden

    The man in black are on crack

  25. Gorica Ljubenov

    Gorica Ljubenov22 dagen geleden

    I am born in Serbia and this video pissed my pants

  26. Abaz Abazi

    Abaz Abazi26 dagen geleden

    Im from Albania and i can that "IT'S A DISGRACE"

  27. Vernie Schorr

    Vernie Schorr27 dagen geleden

    The lonely library firstly coach because invoice intraperitonally sign near a verdant armenian. difficult, daily asparagus

  28. Elias Eladio Saenz Alvarez

    Elias Eladio Saenz Alvarez28 dagen geleden

    I listen Rolando said Andre Petrolli JAJAJJAJAJJA XD PINGAS

  29. Lakshay Singh

    Lakshay Singh28 dagen geleden

    It the best work by 44oons


    MD ALAMINMaand geleden

    Should them be called the idiots in balck.

  31. Ghouster X

    Ghouster XMaand geleden

    Obicno nas kradu

  32. Deandre Williams

    Deandre WilliamsMaand geleden

    An angry Ivorian once said "It's a disgrace , It's a fuvking disgrace

  33. ankica321 w

    ankica321 wMaand geleden


  34. Matija Jočić

    Matija JočićMaand geleden

    Uefa mafija nas jednom u zivotu pogledala

  35. Mohamed Kareem

    Mohamed KareemMaand geleden

    One day later. Ebay: Ronaldo's Captain Armband!!!!! Price, 100,000,000

  36. Amanda Jolly

    Amanda JollyMaand geleden

    RONALDO SCORED! THERE ARE SO BLIND! Unless they are from Serbia they declined it?

  37. Yakup Recep

    Yakup RecepMaand geleden


  38. Nenad Pozder

    Nenad PozderMaand geleden

    Karma he gived vs Serbia 🇷🇸 a goal from offside and then didn’t go Serbia in to Europa cup i don’t how it is cald

  39. Uros Gordic

    Uros GordicMaand geleden

    Ja sam iz serbia

  40. Nikita 2ass

    Nikita 2assMaand geleden

    Yes, the goal was denied but nobody talks about Jota's 2 goals or Aleksandar Mitrovic becoming a top striker for Serbia.

  41. Sego Dime

    Sego DimeMaand geleden

    As a wise man once said ,,Its a fuc***g discrace


    NINJA RATNIK07Maand geleden

    A im in Serbia🤣

  43. Oscar

    OscarMaand geleden

    My all time favorite video

  44. PavleB2008

    PavleB2008Maand geleden


  45. mrvac game

    mrvac gameMaand geleden

    Can you make a video about partizan

  46. sebahate musliu

    sebahate musliuMaand geleden

    it was 10000000% goal

  47. sebahate musliu

    sebahate musliuMaand geleden

    serbia is so stupit

  48. XD.com

    XD.comMaand geleden

    Dis goal!!!!!!!!!

  49. Nikola Gligorić

    Nikola GligorićMaand geleden

    Im serbian LETS go

  50. Dula Henriques

    Dula HenriquesMaand geleden

    Esse jogo foi muito roubado a servia n merecia ganhar esse jogo

  51. Nikita 2ass

    Nikita 2assMaand geleden

    When Ronaldo throwed his ambland it was sold for 1m dinars ( 10 000 dolars) for a charity appeal.

  52. Milan Markovic

    Milan MarkovicMaand geleden


  53. Насето Антонов

    Насето АнтоновMaand geleden


  54. Насето Антонов

    Насето АнтоновMaand geleden


  55. Иван

    ИванMaand geleden

    Hahhahahahah serbia 🇷🇸💪

  56. ino test

    ino testMaand geleden

    No more offside goals.. penaldo sucks!

  57. GekkeGrasman On phone

    GekkeGrasman On phoneMaand geleden

    Im happy it was disallowed lol

  58. Udho SINGH

    Udho SINGHMaand geleden


  59. Vaske

    VaskeMaand geleden

    0:59 This is so rude.It gives idea that Serbs bribed the referee.It was an honest mistake

  60. louli wael

    louli wael2 maanden geleden

    How can they drive if they can't see?

  61. Bobana Garic Cvetanovic

    Bobana Garic Cvetanovic2 maanden geleden

    I cant wait for next time

  62. WamanSZN

    WamanSZN2 maanden geleden

    Let’s be honest even though it was a goal how did Bernardo silva not finish it

  63. Best_DE1

    Best_DE12 maanden geleden

    🇽🇰🇽🇰❤️❤️ Kosovo is Albania and Serbia is 💩

  64. Izyxclex

    Izyxclex2 maanden geleden

    🇷🇸🇷🇸❤️❤️ Kosovo is Serbia and Albania is 💩

  65. Sascha Arhangelovic

    Sascha Arhangelovic2 maanden geleden

    Clear offside bevor

  66. Manuel Pinto

    Manuel Pinto2 maanden geleden

    The servia is lose

  67. Benjamin Obem

    Benjamin Obem2 maanden geleden

    It was a goal

  68. AOQ 009

    AOQ 0092 maanden geleden


  69. Shirley Tomas

    Shirley Tomas2 maanden geleden

    Serbia and referee is cheating in Ronaldo!!!😠😠😠😠

  70. Sara Galou

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  71. Crrtio_.

    Crrtio_.2 maanden geleden


  72. Lek de Alola

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  73. Milica Todorovic

    Milica Todorovic2 maanden geleden

    I love serbia😀😀

  74. Lek de Alola

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  75. Tijana Petrovic

    Tijana Petrovic2 maanden geleden

    Nije gol

  76. Tijana Petrovic

    Tijana Petrovic2 maanden geleden

    Line reff got fired for this disallowed goal

  77. XSUFAJ

    XSUFAJ2 maanden geleden

    Its in

  78. Ognjen Milić

    Ognjen Milić2 maanden geleden

    Nije prešla

  79. Smart Guy

    Smart Guy2 maanden geleden

    Side referee hoped on more support from the head referee after he sacked him, but he has been supported enough, at the match in which he slept, Ronaldo got the yellow card thanks to him.

  80. Olatiilu Ayomiposi

    Olatiilu Ayomiposi2 maanden geleden

    painful we all kw it was a goaalll

  81. Vasic Mijat

    Vasic Mijat2 maanden geleden

    Karma man

  82. -ADRIAN -

    -ADRIAN -2 maanden geleden

    Is it a coincidence that refs from the netherlands go blind in international matches? Because the refs went blind in this game and the poland vs england game, and they were all from the netherlands

  83. Алижан Кабидулла

    Алижан Кабидулла2 maanden geleden

    😡😡👎 not 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  84. Darius Moise

    Darius Moise2 maanden geleden

    An idiot ref once said: "here come the man in black"

  85. Box tech media

    Box tech media2 maanden geleden


  86. nations League tv1

    nations League tv12 maanden geleden


  87. Dhira alifia

    Dhira alifia2 maanden geleden

    Norway OLE GUNNAR SOLKSJÆR Is Gonna get sacked in the morning

  88. Wayne Rooneys Uncle

    Wayne Rooneys Uncle2 maanden geleden

    How come 442oons don’t have time to draw the Atalanta players when they have time for the Serbia players???🤔

  89. Tate Whitney

    Tate Whitney2 maanden geleden

    We need a conspiracy theory for this one

  90. Gergo Gajdos

    Gergo Gajdos2 maanden geleden

    Stop at 1:23 at 0.25x speed. You’ll see that one referee isn’t wearing glasses, and he has normal eyes, so he is not blind.

  91. Darwinantonio Gonzalezromero

    Darwinantonio Gonzalezromero2 maanden geleden

    Era gol ese 🤬🤬😡😡😡👹🤺🤜🤛👎

  92. Recorder lessons with Abdul

    Recorder lessons with Abdul2 maanden geleden

    There blind

  93. Brewa Tampa

    Brewa Tampa2 maanden geleden

    De men in Black are messi fans

  94. Stefan Begić

    Stefan Begić2 maanden geleden

    What about Serbian penalty

  95. Marin Marin

    Marin Marin2 maanden geleden

    No one,absolutely no one: Ronaldo: Damn you,S.O.B.s!!!!!!!!

  96. ASAWDI ryan

    ASAWDI ryan2 maanden geleden

    I really dont like refs


    TEAM TIGERS G&V2 maanden geleden

    That armband saves a life of a child

  98. шеи ојо

    шеи ојо2 maanden geleden

    I know, that kid named Gavrilo, I don't remember his surname

  99. Gud HopefullyContent

    Gud HopefullyContent2 maanden geleden

    This should've included mbemba... if you know you know

  100. AwesumAttrnyFan One

    AwesumAttrnyFan One2 maanden geleden

    I, as a Serbian, think Ronaldo was robbed of the goal, and the glory to lift the Euro 2022.

  101. E TV The Ultimate

    E TV The Ultimate2 maanden geleden

    *Euro 2021

  102. Olawumi Laogun

    Olawumi Laogun2 maanden geleden

    Please can you do more of commentary other than songs

  103. Asaf Gönül

    Asaf Gönül2 maanden geleden

    Why are you doing Mesut Özil as an alien and you can be as much as 7 or even 7 when you are in the arsenal. I am Turkish at first, I met you in the video of rene hugiata but you did disgrace the Turks, I hope you have a logical explanation.

  104. GameBros GameBros

    GameBros GameBros2 maanden geleden


  105. Nemanja Jovanović

    Nemanja Jovanović2 maanden geleden

    hahaha MIB 😄

  106. Nemanja Jovanović

    Nemanja Jovanović2 maanden geleden

    @шеи ојо Gledam naravno 😊

  107. шеи ојо

    шеи ојо2 maanden geleden

    Idemoo jos Srba, i vidim da gledas saut park to mi je omiljena serija :D

  108. Brawl luck

    Brawl luck2 maanden geleden


  109. Marianne Johnston

    Marianne Johnston2 maanden geleden

    A famous ivorien once said:IT WAS A DISGRACE A BLEEPING DISGRACE

  110. Shreyas Yanala

    Shreyas Yanala2 maanden geleden

    Hi i am a kid you know 442oons

  111. Nikolaj Bjørnholdt

    Nikolaj Bjørnholdt2 maanden geleden

    It looks like ther bagde is danish not serbish

  112. HARLEM

    HARLEM2 maanden geleden

    Euro 2016 vibes