🛢️PSG vs Man City: Cartoon Highlights!🛢️ (De Bruyne Mahrez Goals Champions League Semi-Final)

Man City beat PSG!
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442oons was created by me... Dean Stobbart! I do the voices/scripts/ideas/directing/editing/characters blah blah blah ... and now I've got four animators doing all the hard work, the animation... (which is why the animation looks better)
Bravo Mike Myler, James Williams, Lauren Bagstaff and Karl Hargreaves (Karl does the art these days too).
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  2. Zakaria Bokrisha

    Zakaria Bokrisha18 dagen geleden

    @Brodown64 شششىو

  3. Zakaria Bokrisha

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    Already have

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    פון טרייר טיבטי

  6. אדיר אדיר

    אדיר אדירMaand geleden

    פפריקה אדומה לבית החולים סורוקה באר יעקב אשכנזי החן זה אתה לא יודע לא היה טוב לכולם אני פה בשביל מה יש לכם פעםלא יכול לבוא בטענות אלה את הפורוםלא נתון יש לך עוד הרבה לפני קניה בטוחה אבל זה פחותטוב פפראצי וידאו או אני זה לא אומר שלא זה לא היה

  7. Beautiful girl

    Beautiful girl7 dagen geleden

    Mahrez man City

  8. Beautiful girl

    Beautiful girl7 dagen geleden


  9. Lucroat Modric

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  10. León Bussetti

    León Bussetti25 dagen geleden

    2-1 or 2-0

  11. Nicole eliane Roux

    Nicole eliane Roux27 dagen geleden

    C'est nul

  12. EoCo Summer

    EoCo Summer28 dagen geleden

    Psg are actually sh*t

  13. Simone Suma

    Simone Suma28 dagen geleden

    Mmmmmm. 4

  14. Walid 47

    Walid 4728 dagen geleden

    Mahrez gol

  15. Salah Sd

    Salah Sd29 dagen geleden

    Man city line up:bastardo😂😂😂

  16. Yadhu Krishna

    Yadhu KrishnaMaand geleden

    I love your videos but i am a neymar fan 😣

  17. redstone tek _minecraft

    redstone tek _minecraftMaand geleden

    Kdb = ginger crossed with a vampire according to James Miller Mo = Egyptian King Millers Pointon view on mo a ribena is better than him

  18. Ranveer Singh Chopra

    Ranveer Singh ChopraMaand geleden

    0:20 No one Literally no one DEAN THE LEGEND: KIM KARDASHIAN

  19. skulltrooper jordan message account

    skulltrooper jordan message accountMaand geleden

    Its funny because its so true neymar earned a skin

  20. Jake Plays

    Jake PlaysMaand geleden


  21. Jacques-andre Mel

    Jacques-andre MelMaand geleden


  22. Mr Gamer

    Mr GamerMaand geleden

    Mahrez make the goal not Kevin de Bruyn

  23. Rifky Faturahman

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  24. sans.

    sans.Maand geleden


  25. Kez Kez

    Kez KezMaand geleden

    Verratti. 😂😂😂

  26. Sri Kanesh

    Sri KaneshMaand geleden

    Man City gonna win

  27. Sri Kanesh

    Sri KaneshMaand geleden



    ALBERT MATE-KOLEMaand geleden

    City, How often do you lose a match? Pep= Once in a blue moon.

  29. Jim root a lenda

    Jim root a lendaMaand geleden


  30. Mizo Zial

    Mizo ZialMaand geleden

    What a snap from Dias.

  31. Felo Classmate

    Felo ClassmateMaand geleden

    Veratti in the bottom of the wall 😂😂

  32. R43D

    R43DMaand geleden

    I remember every year you would say "I bet my money on Man. city" on winning the champions league and you were always wrong but this year you actually might be right lol.

  33. liamdowski 9

    liamdowski 9Maand geleden

    Do second leg man city first time in the final

  34. Manish Malik

    Manish MalikMaand geleden

    Can you make more wheel of misfortune videos ...it was really great

  35. Enit

    EnitMaand geleden

    Make a highlight of Mourinho going to AS Roma please

  36. Anna Maria De Bartolo

    Anna Maria De BartoloMaand geleden

    C'mon city💙

  37. Pulpo CH

    Pulpo CHMaand geleden

    Paris saint Qatar

  38. Prithvi Raj

    Prithvi RajMaand geleden

    Get updated; come up with more contents. ManCity❤️

  39. Spoiler!!!!!!!

    Spoiler!!!!!!!Maand geleden

    What will happen if they made a 442oons game just like FIFA AND PES😂😂😂😂😂😂

  40. Lazer Phantom

    Lazer PhantomMaand geleden

    I would rather play that game

  41. Knight Esquire

    Knight EsquireMaand geleden

    oo 442oons gonna have a field day with the second leg

  42. valeri abaiadze

    valeri abaiadzeMaand geleden

    So whos here after city went to the final

  43. Wrezz_

    Wrezz_Maand geleden


  44. Cooker List

    Cooker ListMaand geleden

    What would've happened if messi signed for man city back in January, he probably have won 5 ucl

  45. Vasile Cardoș

    Vasile CardoșMaand geleden

    Both Messi and Ronaldo would have 4 UCL from Spain and one from Manchester

  46. Arunoday Ray

    Arunoday RayMaand geleden

    Who is here after 2nd leg where psg lost 2 nil


    JOYEL GAMING YTMaand geleden

    Da myre ne neymarine kaliyakilum kali funda

  48. Rekha Tewari

    Rekha TewariMaand geleden


  49. Game For Fame

    Game For FameMaand geleden

    This takes “My money’s on Man City!” to a whole another level

  50. Ricardo Hoàng

    Ricardo HoàngMaand geleden

    Wait until the UCL Final lol

  51. The Heart

    The HeartMaand geleden


  52. Josh Star

    Josh StarMaand geleden

    Make the semi final PSG just been fouling

  53. Ricardo Hoàng

    Ricardo HoàngMaand geleden

    Paris Says Goodbye

  54. Zombieking2701

    Zombieking2701Maand geleden

    This has been a s#

  55. Wrezz_

    Wrezz_Maand geleden

    Video idea: Footballers react to Man City in the Finale


    ULTRA G.O.A.T GAMING YTMaand geleden



    ULTRA G.O.A.T GAMING YTMaand geleden


  58. The Heart

    The HeartMaand geleden

    Why tho

  59. Ihavethelongestnameonallofyoutubedoiifnothenkillme

    IhavethelongestnameonallofyoutubedoiifnothenkillmeMaand geleden

    Who is here after Manchester city qualified to the final?

  60. Onyx Core

    Onyx CoreMaand geleden

    Who's here after PSG said bye bye

  61. Ricardo Hoàng

    Ricardo HoàngMaand geleden

    Paris Says Goodbye with Al-Khelaifi investment LMAO

  62. Republika Francuska

    Republika FrancuskaMaand geleden

    bye bye PSG 4-1

  63. Republika Francuska

    Republika FrancuskaMaand geleden


  64. Colla bros

    Colla brosMaand geleden

    U need to make the Mahrez song now

  65. SLYRO

    SLYROMaand geleden


  66. Sam

    SamMaand geleden

    @Republika Francuska err... Why..

  67. Republika Francuska

    Republika FrancuskaMaand geleden

    @Sam uh and what?

  68. Sam

    SamMaand geleden

    @Republika Francuska ur pic and ur name ?

  69. Republika Francuska

    Republika FrancuskaMaand geleden

    @Sam no

  70. Sam

    SamMaand geleden

    @Republika Francuska r u french ?

  71. Bilal Penkar

    Bilal PenkarMaand geleden

    Dean u can finally put your money man city LITERALLY!

  72. džonislav Grmljevina

    džonislav GrmljevinaMaand geleden


  73. Doctor Zex

    Doctor ZexMaand geleden

    We are in the Final now!!

  74. Marco WGF

    Marco WGFMaand geleden

    Pls video of mourinho on Rome im ita and romanista

  75. Asian Minox Journey

    Asian Minox JourneyMaand geleden

    Let’s go man city

  76. P3Wnut

    P3WnutMaand geleden

    Love from Brazil❤️ Have u ever thought of making videos about South American football? u could make a throwback video about the 2019 Libertadores final! it was the first time a Libertadores champion was decided in a single game and it was the most emotional one, as Flamengo won the title for the first time in 36 years completing an insane comeback in the last 4 minutes of the game against the previous holder River Plate. Flamengo is the team with most fans in the world, and i think the Nação(Nation, the way we call Flamengo fans) would be very happy to see that! btw i love your videos.

  77. Evan_Swales_ASD

    Evan_Swales_ASDMaand geleden

    When’s the final?

  78. Charles Leirman

    Charles LeirmanMaand geleden

    29 may

  79. Wietse Kuiper

    Wietse KuiperMaand geleden

    Pls make video of mourinho to as roma

  80. 周宇轩

    周宇轩Maand geleden

    1:39 WHAT THE HELL?

  81. j Killer

    j KillerMaand geleden

    Keylor navas with sono😂

  82. Marko Popović

    Marko PopovićMaand geleden

    Which program this guy use for editing?


    SHAHID WILLIEMaand geleden

    What a collapse by PSG in the second half

  84. Nicola Ciotta

    Nicola CiottaMaand geleden

    Can u make a video about inter winning the league?

  85. gamer kid663

    gamer kid663Maand geleden

    Hey @442oons can u make a video of messi and neymar on barca title psg cuz they will play with eachother again

  86. Shpetim Latifi

    Shpetim LatifiMaand geleden

    Today is 2st leg who will win. Comment bellow.

  87. Rosa Mena

    Rosa MenaMaand geleden


  88. Michael Ivin-Mag

    Michael Ivin-MagMaand geleden

    what happened to managers react mach day .....l liked that series

  89. wombo short

    wombo shortMaand geleden

    Mahrez is lorenzo

  90. Pie King Memes

    Pie King MemesMaand geleden

    1:54 NLpush Kids be like

  91. paul mauridis

    paul mauridisMaand geleden

    i have an idea for a flashback: "The 2004 UEFA Euros final"

  92. Banana football

    Banana footballMaand geleden

    Dean makes an vid like 4 times a week, This takes hard work, honesty, character, intensity

  93. Banana football

    Banana footballMaand geleden

    A wise man once said: “ Your application today is worse than the application on this fake tan.” Only true og’s will know what I’m talking about

  94. Otlotleng Makole

    Otlotleng MakoleMaand geleden

    How about you make a 44toos game just like dreamleague it will be fun to play a game like that and nice video love 44toos please do me game by

  95. Fiend Karma

    Fiend KarmaMaand geleden

    The blue Moon song

  96. Shpat Shpat

    Shpat ShpatMaand geleden

    Neymar was wondering : Why I can't take even one penalty

  97. 1izen

    1izenMaand geleden

    pretty funny i like this animation

  98. Marcus Caligiuri

    Marcus CaligiuriMaand geleden

    Need to make a video about inter Milan winning the league

  99. Tashi Gyeltshen

    Tashi GyeltshenMaand geleden

    Outstanding as Always...

  100. LUCAS 123

    LUCAS 123Maand geleden

    even when our team loses Dean makes us laugh

  101. Igor Obradovic

    Igor ObradovicMaand geleden

    Belive PSG!!!🙏

  102. LUCAS 123

    LUCAS 123Maand geleden

    @Republika Francuska ye

  103. Republika Francuska

    Republika FrancuskaMaand geleden

    @LUCAS 123 you were right

  104. LUCAS 123

    LUCAS 123Maand geleden

    nah,your hope will be dead Tommorow.

  105. Ollie2206

    Ollie2206Maand geleden

    But did one of PSG players get a red card?

  106. n_ato s p a c e

    n_ato s p a c eMaand geleden


  107. Batu Binici

    Batu BiniciMaand geleden

    Dean in osm i can't find the 442oons suuuuuuper league

  108. SNIPER officiel dz

    SNIPER officiel dzMaand geleden

    حرووووز 🇩🇿♥️

  109. Abderrahim Rehioui

    Abderrahim RehiouiMaand geleden

    محرز 🇩🇿🇩🇿❤

  110. Huy Quang Bui (Bùi Huy Quang)

    Huy Quang Bui (Bùi Huy Quang)Maand geleden

    A nice déjà vu with Sérgio Oliveira and Mahrez.

  111. mohammad ragib

    mohammad ragibMaand geleden

    Kevin de coy 😆😆😆

  112. Tezerish Rambally

    Tezerish RamballyMaand geleden

    I Love The Nicknames That You Put Dean 😂

  113. Kenneth Asare

    Kenneth AsareMaand geleden

    Please make a video of Ronaldo saving Pirlo and Juventus in the match vs Udinese

  114. Superdawda Kamz

    Superdawda KamzMaand geleden

    Next video Man Utd fans raid Old Trafford

  115. Lini McFc

    Lini McFcMaand geleden

    Hahahahah loved it, Cant wait for the man u, Liverpool debacle lol

  116. RUSTIN 11

    RUSTIN 11Maand geleden

    This means City is the best team in Paris

  117. S3HRA

    S3HRAMaand geleden

    discord.gg/JAUMbnNt Join this server for football latest news and clips

  118. Kamron Rajabiy

    Kamron RajabiyMaand geleden

    0:00 442oons fixed the psg logo 😂

  119. Malek02

    Malek02Maand geleden

    Oml this is so unfunny

  120. Natalie O'Donnell

    Natalie O'DonnellMaand geleden

    Where’s the frontmen gone?!

  121. seba 3.0

    seba 3.0Maand geleden

    Can you do a special video for Inter Champion of Italy ?

  122. seba 3.0

    seba 3.0Maand geleden

    @Big Smoke 🇮🇳🇮🇪 thanks

  123. seba 3.0

    seba 3.0Maand geleden

    @Big Smoke 🇮🇳🇮🇪 cause im a inter fan

  124. seba 3.0

    seba 3.0Maand geleden

    @Big Smoke 🇮🇳🇮🇪 me too

  125. Big Smoke 🇮🇳🇮🇪

    Big Smoke 🇮🇳🇮🇪Maand geleden

    @seba 3.0 yes.

  126. Big Smoke 🇮🇳🇮🇪

    Big Smoke 🇮🇳🇮🇪Maand geleden

    @seba 3.0 it’s okay bruv.

  127. Ñ - M

    Ñ - MMaand geleden

    1:21 look at his face 😂😂😂😂😂

  128. Billy R65R56R

    Billy R65R56RMaand geleden

    0:53 apparently Ederson lagged there

  129. manuaregodly

    manuaregodlyMaand geleden

    Inter who walked the league?