🏆Man City make the Champions League Final!🏆 (We Are Man City vs PSG 2-0 Mahrez Goals Highlights)

Man City beat PSG in the semi-final of the Champions League!
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  1. Brawl Guys

    Brawl Guys8 uur geleden

    me warching this after the final well Dean's money is gone

  2. Morbid’s Safrooka

    Morbid’s Safrooka10 uur geleden

    We lost cuz dean put his money on city

  3. Nsibandos Trading

    Nsibandos Trading18 uur geleden

    you FFP are Dead


    TOP SPORTDag geleden


  5. hemo 11

    hemo 11Dag geleden

    You kidding actually now Liverpool is gonna be in the next Uefa champions league cause their in the third position in premium league

  6. RNG-Bananaツ

    RNG-BananaツDag geleden


  7. Gos BS

    Gos BS2 dagen geleden

    Original song?

  8. Sweetify

    SweetifyDag geleden

    We are family by Sister Sledge

  9. Gos BS

    Gos BS3 dagen geleden

    Good times...

  10. Tiziana Cortorillo

    Tiziana Cortorillo7 dagen geleden

    Why does Marquinhos have 4 ears!?!? 1:01 WTF!?!?

  11. White Satan (Douche)

    White Satan (Douche)8 dagen geleden

    More like the arab king

  12. HASSAN

    HASSAN3 dagen geleden

    He's Arab and African almost the same thing 😂

  13. Elona Binaku

    Elona Binaku8 dagen geleden

    We are man city who lost one nil to Chelsea FC........... And that night Kevin cried

  14. thossow

    thossow9 dagen geleden

    Original song?

  15. Gamex

    Gamex7 dagen geleden

    We are family, by Sister Sledge

  16. itsmaxgamerX X19

    itsmaxgamerX X199 dagen geleden

    Sorry to disapoint you but in my fortune telling it says chelsea will win 1-0

  17. ouslati saleh

    ouslati saleh10 dagen geleden

    City lost and Liverpool qualified to the ucl next season Oh well This 100 percent didn't age well

  18. Ali Ali

    Ali Ali12 dagen geleden

    Did anyone notice that stones had Haaland in his pocket. and dias had Kane and Mbappe

  19. Chunming Rong

    Chunming Rong12 dagen geleden

    R.I.p Dean money-_-

  20. XxgaucixX

    XxgaucixX12 dagen geleden

    Who is here after man city lost to Chelsea in the ucl final

  21. HASSAN

    HASSAN3 dagen geleden


  22. Sugar-Ray luvs Chelsea

    Sugar-Ray luvs Chelsea12 dagen geleden

    The prophesy fulfilled?? Not quite yet 🤣🤣

  23. RSC

    RSC12 dagen geleden

    0:51 the irony

  24. thomas gorman

    thomas gorman13 dagen geleden

    but then Chelsea wins the cl final lol

  25. SuperRed Fan 15

    SuperRed Fan 1515 dagen geleden

    Lost the final

  26. Stefan Kaitschick

    Stefan Kaitschick15 dagen geleden

    The prophecy slightly withdrew again.

  27. Marshall Hammett

    Marshall Hammett15 dagen geleden

    Who else is here after there Epic collapse in the final against Chelsea

  28. Rory Crick

    Rory Crick16 dagen geleden

    Pep screwed us he should of played the team he played against psg in the second leg and should of played Fernandinho and Aguero instead of ratrash Sterling we won every single game with out him and when pep plays him we lose

  29. Timothy Brock

    Timothy Brock16 dagen geleden


  30. Timothy Brock

    Timothy Brock16 dagen geleden

    And who exactly one the champions league?

  31. Richard Pilhofer

    Richard Pilhofer16 dagen geleden

    I'm just happy we made the final tbh

  32. HASSAN

    HASSAN3 dagen geleden

    Hopefully next season we can win it

  33. MagicAura gaming

    MagicAura gaming16 dagen geleden

    But they didn't win haha 😆😅😂🤣

  34. PandaPlayz Studios

    PandaPlayz Studios16 dagen geleden

    They are Man City and they will never win the champions league

  35. PandaPlayz Studios

    PandaPlayz Studios16 dagen geleden

    Chelsea 1 Man City 0

  36. ST_149

    ST_14916 dagen geleden

    1:07 no he is 21+15

  37. Cover Video

    Cover Video14 dagen geleden

    No, he's 4+32

  38. Beki Mekonnen

    Beki Mekonnen16 dagen geleden

    Who is here after chelsea have wonned the champions league

  39. Kiefers Raine

    Kiefers Raine17 dagen geleden

    Hhhhhhh 😁😁😁😁

  40. HASSAN

    HASSAN3 dagen geleden


  41. JA10HD

    JA10HD17 dagen geleden

    0-1 CHELSEA

  42. Andres Felipe “Thunder_X_0116” Ramirez Segura

    Andres Felipe “Thunder_X_0116” Ramirez Segura17 dagen geleden

    thank god

  43. Vojtěch Salamon

    Vojtěch Salamon17 dagen geleden

    Who is watching after final

  44. Footy Best

    Footy Best17 dagen geleden

    @Vojtěch Salamon yes get in thanks

  45. Vojtěch Salamon

    Vojtěch Salamon17 dagen geleden

    @Footy Best 1:0 won Chelsea

  46. Footy Best

    Footy Best17 dagen geleden

    Not me what was the score

  47. British Brute

    British Brute17 dagen geleden

    And then we bottled it, cityitis struck again

  48. Hector Lavado

    Hector Lavado17 dagen geleden

    Dean i will donate when get into the bankruptcy after put all your money on man city (I also did it)

  49. Lncxty

    Lncxty18 dagen geleden

    You guys lost

  50. Ana Celik

    Ana Celik18 dagen geleden

    You are man city and you lost vinale hahahahhahahahahhahahahahha hahahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah Liverpool alealeale alealeale alealeale

  51. Karine Sassin

    Karine Sassin18 dagen geleden


  52. fungi _

    fungi _18 dagen geleden

    turns out they didn’t actually need raheem

  53. abdul azeez

    abdul azeez18 dagen geleden

    city losed

  54. Dimitri Pidobrywnyj

    Dimitri Pidobrywnyj18 dagen geleden

    0-1 Europe is blue🔵!!!!!!!


    MILANESQUO19 dagen geleden

    Top 10 moments taken before disaster

  56. Captain Roger

    Captain Roger19 dagen geleden

    Well this didn't age well 😐

  57. Ahlu95

    Ahlu9519 dagen geleden

    Whe are shit city

  58. André Onana

    André Onana16 dagen geleden

    Man city is cool

  59. Rehan

    Rehan17 dagen geleden

    We are man shitty

  60. Chris George

    Chris George19 dagen geleden

    This video didn't age well Liverpool qualified for UCL Chelsea beat Man City to be crowned UCL winners Adios!

  61. Paco

    Paco19 dagen geleden


  62. Dilza

    Dilza20 dagen geleden

    Well this aged well

  63. Χρηστος Σαββιδης

    Χρηστος Σαββιδης20 dagen geleden

    well that aged well

  64. Adopt Me News!

    Adopt Me News!20 dagen geleden

    We are Man Cityyyy~ Can't even beat damn chelseaaaa~

  65. Ranveer Singh Chopra

    Ranveer Singh Chopra3 dagen geleden

    @MARSHs777 wth they spent less than 200 million

  66. Killer pan

    Killer pan18 dagen geleden

    @MARSHs777 true man city had alot of good nee players better than most of cheslsea

  67. Killer pan

    Killer pan18 dagen geleden

    @MARSHs777 lol

  68. MARSHs777

    MARSHs77718 dagen geleden

    @Killer pan Chelsea has spent billions too this season tho

  69. Killer pan

    Killer pan19 dagen geleden

    Imagen being beaten in a final while spending billions of pounds

  70. Pachu VM

    Pachu VM20 dagen geleden

    Who is watching after UCL Final🤣🤣🤣.

  71. Aryan Kumar

    Aryan Kumar20 dagen geleden

    The prophecy draws closer, spitted and went back😂

  72. Gio

    Gio20 dagen geleden

    I had to come back😂😂

  73. BushLemur99

    BushLemur9920 dagen geleden

    Well... My money was on Chelsea this season. And looks like my money won

  74. jboss9000

    jboss900020 dagen geleden


  75. HASSAN

    HASSAN20 dagen geleden


  76. Timchilli

    Timchilli20 dagen geleden

    Tuchel after finishing celebrating: “New target...WIN THE LEAGUE

  77. MCTLP

    MCTLPDag geleden

    Pep: now you have crossed the line bud😈

  78. Nejdiball

    Nejdiball20 dagen geleden

    who is here after chelsea win XD

  79. Hady Ahmed

    Hady Ahmed20 dagen geleden

    Anyone here after chelsea win the trophy 😂

  80. Nejdiball

    Nejdiball20 dagen geleden

    me XD

  81. George

    George20 dagen geleden


  82. hatelmao

    hatelmao20 dagen geleden

    haha get lost city

  83. Exeller the Hedgehog

    Exeller the Hedgehog20 dagen geleden

    Tuchel and Silva avenged PSG 🤣🤣🤣

  84. NRGClyde

    NRGClyde20 dagen geleden

    Who’s here after Chelsea won the champions league

  85. Paul Nolan

    Paul Nolan4 dagen geleden

    @YeetDickus 1-0

  86. Arnold Pupperdime

    Arnold Pupperdime20 dagen geleden

    @YeetDickus if nobody cares then why are you still listening?

  87. Nejdiball

    Nejdiball20 dagen geleden


  88. waasil sidik

    waasil sidik20 dagen geleden

    Who is here after city lost to Chelsea in the ucl final

  89. SWV TFR

    SWV TFR20 dagen geleden

    This aged well

  90. Bhavya Bhatia

    Bhavya Bhatia20 dagen geleden

    We just lost the champions league 1-0 to Chelsea

  91. Arceus

    Arceus20 dagen geleden

    The prophecy just ran away😂

  92. Arceus

    Arceus20 dagen geleden

    Well this aged well

  93. Luke Leonard

    Luke Leonard20 dagen geleden

    Chelsea beats them 3 weeks later 😂

  94. F L

    F L20 dagen geleden

    Aaaaand you failed

  95. Mohamed Baiee

    Mohamed Baiee20 dagen geleden

    And they bottled it again haha

  96. trflashrooms

    trflashrooms20 dagen geleden

    who is here chelsea beat city 1-0

  97. Natsu Kiiroi

    Natsu Kiiroi20 dagen geleden

    Klopp : The PropheCITY More Like PropheSHITTYY KAA BOOM HAHAHAHA 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  98. profil karakter

    profil karakter20 dagen geleden

    champioooneee champiooonee oleeee ooleee oleee chelsea fc chelsea fc oleee oleee oleeeee

  99. Meropi Leledaki

    Meropi Leledaki20 dagen geleden

    Now what you say dean man citi lose

  100. Angie Bejjani

    Angie Bejjani20 dagen geleden

    Chelsea won i thought city will win

  101. BJlOck mAn

    BJlOck mAn20 dagen geleden

    Chelsea wins champions league Man city:🗿🗿

  102. Extreme Titan

    Extreme Titan20 dagen geleden

    i loved this video before, i love it even more now (chelsea fan)

  103. Steven

    Steven20 dagen geleden

    1:56 they so so desperately didn’t need Raheem. It cost them the title, and no Fernandinho

  104. God Huevo Ninja

    God Huevo Ninja21 dag geleden

    2:24 the prophecy that will never come true

  105. apfeff21

    apfeff2121 dag geleden

    1-0 Chelsea so now I can enjoy watching this knowing Chelsea won

  106. ッXeuxy

    ッXeuxy21 dag geleden

    reverse uno card

  107. NXL Alex

    NXL Alex21 dag geleden

    Who's here after they've lost I'm I'm spurs fan so chelsea winning hurts🤦‍♂️

  108. The Heart

    The Heart20 dagen geleden

    @Timchilli So are Everton

  109. Timchilli

    Timchilli20 dagen geleden

    Spurs are weak

  110. Natsu Kiiroi

    Natsu Kiiroi20 dagen geleden

    The 2 Manchester team losing in Europe Finals in a row Yeah It's was the best week ever I'm Scousers anyway 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 #YNWA

  111. The Heart

    The Heart20 dagen geleden

    @Ne Vous Abonnez pas good point

  112. Ne Vous Abonnez pas

    Ne Vous Abonnez pas21 dag geleden

    At least Kyle Walker didn't won

  113. Boba Gas

    Boba Gas21 dag geleden

    Reverse uno card

  114. Chappo 1608

    Chappo 160821 dag geleden

    It’s funny to watch this now after the final

  115. apfeff21

    apfeff2121 dag geleden

    It is especially since I’m a Chelsea fan

  116. Joshua Thomas

    Joshua Thomas21 dag geleden

    Sterling started and bottled it for City.

  117. Morbid’s Safrooka

    Morbid’s Safrooka10 uur geleden


  118. Zac Robinson

    Zac Robinson21 dag geleden

    Who's here after they lost 1-0 to Chelsea?

  119. RaposaKG

    RaposaKG21 dag geleden


  120. XxX TgamerD

    XxX TgamerD21 dag geleden


  121. TAPomidorek “Oskar”

    TAPomidorek “Oskar”21 dag geleden

    Chempiones Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole chealse

  122. Ariel Lliguin

    Ariel Lliguin21 dag geleden

    Who is here after Chelsea won

  123. A. Arnold

    A. Arnold21 dag geleden

    We are Man City we bottle it the final of the Champions League finally

  124. Ahlu95

    Ahlu9521 dag geleden

    Bye bye city hahahahahahah

  125. Matt yeet

    Matt yeet21 dag geleden

    This aged well

  126. Elona Binaku

    Elona Binaku8 dagen geleden


  127. DARKi701

    DARKi70121 dag geleden

    And again... the prediction went where I'd say

  128. Karen Farhad Sattari

    Karen Farhad Sattari21 dag geleden

    We are FFP... We abide by Man City

  129. Russell K

    Russell K21 dag geleden

    Who's here after Chelsea won it, and Dean's money has been bottled.

  130. Dylan Costa produções

    Dylan Costa produções21 dag geleden

    This didn't age well

  131. TheWizard TV

    TheWizard TV21 dag geleden

    City LOSERRRRS 🤣😂

  132. Cover Video

    Cover Video21 dag geleden

    We are Man City We lost to Fc Chelsea in Champions league final

  133. Kian McGovern

    Kian McGovern21 dag geleden

    Who's here after they lost in the final 😂